Clients Who Trust Us

I have worked with and known Jodi for over twenty years. Over that time she has diligently worked to develop and enhance her reputation as a partner to her clients who rely upon her as a critical ingredient to their success. Jodi’s contributions to her clients are equivalent to the use of salt in cooking. Every chef relies upon it as a essential ingredient In their creations. Diners consume the results of salts efforts without knowing the contribution is makes. Everyday cooks under or misuse it in their own cooking efforts at their peril. I highly endorse the quality and detail of her work and recommend her as a partner to any corporate effort that demands success.

John Verschoor Photo
John Verschoor, Professor of Math and CEO
Math is a Muscle

I contracted Jodi’s services for over a year and was always impressed with how she would “own” the project or task. In a nuanced industry, there are often many iterations or changes needed, and Jodi was just as enthusiastic with each “round.” She would offer insight based on experience but also understand when context demanded a contradictory approach. I would not hesitate to reach out to Jodi for future research needs.

April Baglole
April Baglole ~ Director, Knowledge Managment
Boston Scientific

Jodi and I have worked together for over five years. In those five years, I've seen her not only excel at the core elements of her work — like research and social media marketing — but also perform other tasks that extend into keeping our business organized by putting automation and systems in place to help us improve our productivity. These include implementing a customer relationship management tool, improving our search engine optimization, lead generation and more.

Lee Schmidt
Lee Schmidt ~ CPA, CFE
A.L. Schmidt, CPA

I felt during the time we have worked together, Jodi demonstrated a deep knowledge in the healthcare industry which was important to us for gathering the information needed. Her knowledge allows her to ask effective follow-up questions, which helped with the depth of the analysis. She is also very effective in finding useful information and identifying specific people we needed to contact. I was particularly impressed that Jodi was able to get to the leader of the Urgent Care Association and gathered very useful intelligence.


Getting to know “what” Jodi does for a living was incredible. Watching “how” she does her work and seeing the results of her efforts are just as amazing – but understanding the reason “why” she does what she does is where the magic really is found. I highly recommend Jodi for any data research and analysis. Her ability to understand my goals and then deliver factual evidence is amazing. Feel free to contact me directly for more details or for a personal introduction. Get to know Jodi!

Steve Lopez

Jodi was able to listen closely to me, distill down exactly what I needed for the project, then send me the most relevant information—all within a great turnaround and at a price within my budget. The result is: My client was super-impressed with this research, which made me look good! Her firm is going to be my only source for the hard-to-find research when I need it. I could not ask for anything more.