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Stay Current ~ Know Your Industry and Competitors

Stay Current ~ Know Your Industry and Competitors


Focused Content for Your Business

As a business owner, the need to stay current and know and understand what is happening in your industry and with your competitors is extremely important. It's necessary to have real, current data about the competition to remain competitive.  Outsourcing your research, offers you the means to keep up with industry trends and stay ahead of the game with competitive analysis.

While many services cull the open Web, most are not curated news or specifically focused content for your business.  It helps to have someone who is proficient at search filtering like the ability to use predetermined “expert” searches that are pre-tested for specific relevant results.  Professional searchers will provide you with the data you need to stay current and know your industry and competitors.

Daily, weekly, or monthly news briefings help you when you are overwhelmed with the sheer volume and lack of clarity in the information stream. After discussing your unique needs, a professional searcher will provide a selection of what are known as the best and most relevant pieces of information you can use, from sources that are reliable and authoritative, and package them into a collection in a format or platform that you choose, to be delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

A curated news briefing product, like Seek Intelligence Briefings,  is a proven process for monitoring, selecting, and organizing new developments that provides you with actionable, daily intelligence to support essential business decisions and drive current awareness of significant events in your company's principal business segments and the broader industry.

Only What You Need to Know – Nothing More

We use a proprietary, structured process to monitor, determine relevancy, and analyze a variety of sources, from online and news sources to websites and social media.  Content is hand-chosen by us from the results of our daily searches.  The search strategy will typically be based on significant competitors, organizations, products, and technologies in your business segments.  The approach is continually optimized to ensure relevance based on feedback from your firm and our best judgment.

The results are brief competitive intelligence updates, curated news briefs, and regulatory changes.   We deliver to your schedule but also in your desired format: hyperlinked email messages, print-ready newsletters, or feeds into an in-house knowledge database.

Stay Current ~ Know Your Industry and Competitors

If your customers and clients request some of the newer products or procedures but you’re ill-equipped to adapt and meet those needs, you risk looking antiquated and might lose that business to your competitors. Instead, prepare yourself for those demands and attract more business than your competitors.   You will be able to stay current by subscribing to one of our customized Seek Intelligence briefings.

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