Jodi was able to listen closely to me, distill down exactly what I needed for the project, then send me the most relevant information—all within a great turnaround and at a price within my budget. The result is: My client was super-impressed with this research, which made me look good! Her firm is going to be my only source for the hard-to-find research when I need it. I could not ask for anything more.

~ Consultant to Education Industry

I felt during the time we worked together, Jodi demonstrated a deep knowledge in the healthcare industry which was important to us for gathering the information needed. Her knowledge allowed her to ask effective follow-up questions, which helped with the depth of the analysis. She was also very effective in finding useful information and identifying specific people we needed to contact. I was particularly impressed that Jodi was able to get to the leader of the Urgent Care Association and gathered very useful intelligence.

~ Partner, Healthcare Consulting Firm

Consistently provides high-quality research results…

…in the agreed-upon timeframe—including rushes!

  • Thinks ‘outside the box’…creative and goes “way beyond the literal straightforward approach.”
  • Willing to use a variety of formats, including those of business partners and process documentation.
  • “Jodi did a great job on the market for {confidential}. It’s a difficult one to quantify, but the business partner said: ‘It will definitely help regional sales to identify the right target market and generate higher volumes as well as penetrating this industry faster. Thank you for the great job.’”
  • Extremely personable and easy to work with.
  • Asks good questions to be clear on the essential elements of the research needed.
  • Willing to work directly with business partners to scope requests and prioritize information.
  • Excellent at calling individuals, associations, groups to get information, increasing the value of results.
  • A great colleague, willing to do “whatever it takes”
  • Thanks so much for the report provided and all the time and effort invested in this research. I really appreciate your work and the confirmation that the information is not available out there.

It was a pleasure working with you.

~ Associates from Hewlett-Packard

  • “Jodi and I have decided to work together on a project. Getting to know “what” Jodi does for a living was incredible. Watching “how” she does her work and seeing the results of her efforts is just as amazing – but understanding the reason “why” she does what she does is where the magic really is found. I highly recommend Jodi for any data research and analysis. Her ability to understand my goals and then deliver factual evidence is amazing. Feel free to contact me directly for more details or for a personal introduction. Get to know Jodi!

~ Principal Partner, Advisor at SL & Associates, LLC

  • Data charmer for the greater good!  Jodi is such a pleasure to work with that we are constantly trying to find new ways to connect. She's been particularly wonderful finding the most elusive data surrounding green marketing research. She tickles me pink (inside joke) with her light-hearted approach to very serious work.

~ Marketing Strategist

I find this very valuable. {Regarding the Radar Screen at Johnson & Johnson}
~ FV, Johnson & Johnson Australia

Thanks, Jodi. Your Radar Screen has been a great help to me in getting up to speed in some of the new areas I’ve been exposed to recently. Best of luck to you in your next projects!
~ TT, Ethicon-Endosurgery

Jodi, you have definitely provided a service I have used and quoted many times.
~ RB, Ethicon-Endosurgery

Thanks, Jodi. You have done a great job.
~ GL, Ethicon-Endosurgery

Jodi, Thank you for providing this excellent service – it has given us a great window into events in the US medical scene.
~ BA (and the team Down Under), Johnson & Johnson Australia

Jodi, Your work in providing the Radar Screen has been extremely valuable for many, many people – especially me. It is very informative and really well done. Thank you for your efforts.
~ RH, Breast Care Mangement Research & Development, Ethicon-Endosurgery

This is a fantastic service you have been providing. It has been great!
~ MC, Johnson & Johnson Canada

I contracted Jodi's services for over a year and was always impressed with how she would “own” the project or task.  In a nuanced industry, there are often many iterations or changes are needed, and Jodi was just as enthusiastic with each “round.”  She would offer insight based on experience but also understand when context demanded a contradictory approach.  I would not hesitate to reach out to Jodi for future research needs.

~Director, Boston Scientific