About Seek Services

Seek Services (formerly Access Information) was founded in 1988.  In 2014, Access Information merged with Seek Information Services, an intellectual property research firm founded by independent information research pioneer Lynn Ecklund.  Seek Services is the result of that merger.

Jodi Gregory

Company founder and owner, Jodi Gregory is an expert online searcher and information professional specializing in healthcare, litigation support, medical device, advertising and consumer products. She served as President of the Association of Independent Information Professionals.

Seek Services Founder Jodi Gregory

Jodi's honors include:

Seek Information Services was recommended in the book “Successful Startups” by William A. Benjamin and Jason R. McDowall.

Also on our Seek Services team:

Jan G

Jan brings a specialized mix of formal education and experience as a corporate librarian in the engineering, healthcare, and educational sectors, and has been in the information industry for over thirty years. She has expertise in locating and managing information assets, needs assessments, on-demand research services, database development, cataloging, and thesaurus development.  Jan has topical expertise in health and medicine, engineering, social services, and business information.  She has designed remote libraries, databases, and national clearinghouse repositories based on her own custom research.

Lee S

Lee's firm consists of certified public accountants and a certified fraud examiner.  He has developed a diverse range of expertise in accounting, auditing, and taxation, along with providing bookkeeping, payroll, and other financial support to clients. He has extensive experience with audits of governmental entities, not-for-profits, and small businesses. He also has experience in compliance, software installation and implementation, billing, and expense tracking for small businesses with aerospace/defense contracts. In addition, he assists clients with financial forecasts and projections.

Robyn U

Robyn has a degree in Marketing which has propelled her into doing work in the following areas:

Author assistance

  • Format/type manuscript to industry standard (includes slug and word count), submission letter(s), synopsis, biography, and marketing plan
  • Research agents, editors and submission guidelines for your genre
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • Assists in creating your author brand (logo design, letterhead, Web site, business cards)

Marketing communications/Public relations

  • Email marketing campaign set-up and management
  • SmartPlus® media software
  • Media assistant services: Print and web media insertion order preparation, submit insertion orders and ads to vendors, track deadlines, tear sheet checking, process vendor invoices for payment
  • Create and submit articles and press releases, track published articles and provide clipping service
  • Media kit preparation
  • Manage direct mail campaigns
  • EventSpot (online event set-up and management)

Information management

  • Database management
  • Mailing list creation and management
  • Data entry
  • MailMerge® letters and labels
  • MS Access
  • Inquiry management and processing (sales leads)
  • SalesForce

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