Social Media Content Development

Trusted Content Not Fake News

Seek Service's experience in finding the best information from the best sources allows us to be the ideal firm to provide you with social media content development.  We do this by locating and building trusted content such as blog posts or comments, digital videos and more.

Our writing is research-based, rich in information that can be authenticated and verified by trusted sources. Our content includes new relevant industry statistics which perform very well for retweets and shares.  We optimize our content with all of the keywords that make your postings formatted for search engines but still make sense to the humans reading them.  We also write with a goal to increase sales of your products or service.  We elicit engagement by linking to other content which has gained attention.  All-in-all, our content is written by information professionals with years of experience in developing and providing exceptional content.

We have extensive experience with the major channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope and more.  Previously, we have worked with small businesses and non-profits, increasing their online presence and followers.

Support for social media content development includes assistance in planning your workflow, scheduling your posts and working with you to create content which is pertinent to your specific marketing strategies.  We have an initial strategy meeting with you to learn about your goals and preferences for the type of presence you want for your social media content.

Social Media Content Development Packages Include:

• Create and manage your content calendar – planning three months ahead (consisting of product or program launches, affiliate promos, special themes, etc.)
• Write weekly newsletters to your client database
• Research and write articles
• Publish articles to WordPress or your chosen platform (upload; proof; create blog banner, FB-compliant banner, thumbnail banner; insert promo banner for programs; optimize for SEO keywords; add to FB article line-up)
• Design and create infographics for content that shows great interest
• Work with affiliates to produce compelling promotional content; might be original and edit their assets; video interviews, articles, banners, infographics, etc.
• Spot trends in your topic area and develop content around them
• Manage posts on Facebook (schedule, edit, analyze insights)
• Build Pinterest community (create pins, tags, join like-minded groups)

We also follow the analytics to measure your success.   Sometimes it is our help in getting started or creating some order, and branding the graphics for the posts that can help you feel more comfortable beginning your social media presence.Social Media Content Development

To make budgeting easier for you, we offer social media content support packages which include the following:

  • Unlimited email support
  • Initial strategy meeting and weekly one-hour virtual planning sessions
  • Up to 4 hours weekly for content creation and posting for two platforms of your choice.

Email or call us at 937-303-7335 today to learn more.